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The online portal of

Dr.Bijoy Antony,DM
H.O.D, Department Of Nephrology
Academy Of medical Sciences ,
Pariyaram, Kannur ,Kerala

Phone: +919447972093

DrBijoy.com comes alive with sole purpose to project to you, dear reader , what Dr. Bijoy Antony has to share to this world. This is not just a personal website, but a fully equipped online portal with facilities to consult with him and to publish information rich topics he wants to share with you.

Continue reading to know more about Dr. Bijoy Antony, his biography, career graph and what he has to share with you via his website.


The website has many parts ,

  • Biography page drawing the career and personal graph of Dr.Bijoy
  • Consultation page which would act as a portal between a patient and Dr. Bijoy , with details such his consultation and OPD timings and an online form to consult with him and seek further advise online via email and proceedings to avail treatment from him in person.
  • The page about department of Nephrology, Pariyaram Medical College headed by Dr. Bijoy, and facilities and services available there.
  • The articles section where Dr.Bijoy publishes various topics which are informative to general public as well as technical topics for medical fraternity as well as dialysis technicians.
  • The contact page where you can contact Dr. Bijoy for general purposes via an online contact form.

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